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First overnight trip with little dude = success. 

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Riveting photos trace the underground railroad at night - 

“The Underground Railroad was America’s first Civil Rights Movement,” says photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales, who has spent the past ten years plus researching the railroad for her project Through Darkness to Light. Finding that there were few visual records of the secret stations along the escape route, she herself traced the steps taken by many of the 100,000 slaves between the Southern plantations of Louisiana to the border of Canada, where slavery was prohibited. Read on about the project and see more images at featureshoot.com

A great LIC Sunday at Sculpture Center, LIC Flea and Rockaway Brewery. 

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It was a dazzling night for opening #SolarNYC. 


John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) is now open at Lincoln Center! Be sure to tag your tumblr posts, tweets and instagrams #SolarNYC 

Stevie Nicks’ Polaroid Self-Portraits Prove She Is The Angel Of All Our Dreams, read on at huffingtonpost

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French artist JR’s hauting exhibition “Unframed—Ellis Island,” opens today at Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital. 

For the show, the artist delved deep into the photographic history of the abandoned hospital, revisiting forgotten images of children and other immigrants being treated for illness, and of the doctors and nurses responsible for their care.

a most wonderful faux summer weekend with my two favorites. 

Phil & Friends @ForestHillsStadium @ForestHillsNYC last night.

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Vincent van Gogh | Portrait of Postman Joseph Roulin | 1888

First Chelsea art night as a trio. Little guy not too impressed.

Artist Kevin Weir Creates Ghostly Animated GIFs Using Archival Photos from the Library of Congress, read more at thisiscolassal