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Some moments from our weekend getaway. The Empire Railway Museum, pancakes at Sweet Sue’s, Lake Minnewaska hike, and my pregnant lady lunch. 

Town In Costa Rica Was Covered In 3.5 Tons Of Flower Petals After A Volcano-Like Explosion: 

If you hopped on a plane and took a flight to Costa Rica to visit a town near the Irazú Volcano, you would find yourself surrounded by tons (literally) of flower petals the minute you stepped off the plane. Why, you ask? Well, thanks to Sony, the entire town is blanketed in flower petals after it used 3.5 tons to film an advertisement for the brand’s new 4K Ultra HDTV. Read more (and see more images) at elitedaily. 

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The Met’s Featured Artwork of the Day:

Cesar Chavez, organizer, United Farm Workers, Keene, California, June 27, 1976. Richard Avedon

15 Adorable Kids Pose As Iconic Figures In Women’s History: 

“Because of Them, We Can” is an adorable photo project that highlights some of the most influential and often overlooked figures of women’s history. Read more at buzzfeed.com

Completely captivated by the Luce Center @nyhistory

Giant Vintage Camera Cafe: 

"… a mom and pop coffee shop, built by a former air-force helicopter pilot with a passion for photography and a bit of DIY (just a bit). The giant camera coffee shop was his dream for several years and it finally came true when he built it right next door to the bungalow he shared with his wife." Read more at messynessychic.com


Spring, you are a most welcomed season this year. 

#throwbackthursday: Alejandro Diaz, A Can for All Seasons, 2005

Alejandro Diaz’s A Can for All Seasons, a light-hearted take on public sculpture, installed on the median of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, celebrates the overlap between art and everyday life. Inspired by the practice in rural households of growing plants in empty grocery-store cans, Diaz (La Piedad, Mexico) has created four sculptural reproductions of brand-name canned goods, each representing a different type of food that is indigenous to Mexico: corn, chiles, chocolate, and tomatoes. Read more about the project. 

Cher and David Geffen. Interesting look at their relationship on PBS’s American Masters


In this series by artist Hikaru Cho, ordinary foods are brilliantly painted to look like completely different objects. 

See more of It’s Not What it Seems below! 

Ordinary Food Transformed With a Layer of Paint

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Get off of my cloud. Olaf Breuning’s Clouds now on view through August 24. Come by 60th Street & 5th Ave as we add some cheer to the winter sky. Make sure to tag your pics #PAFclouds. 

Artist Reimagines Celebrities Completely Covered in Tattoos
via mymodernmet:
In Chennye Randall’s ongoing series Shopped Tattoos, the Seattle-based artist imagines what celebrities, world leaders, and fictitious characters would look like if they were covered in tattoos. Not just a small one on the bicep, but designs on the collarbone, hands and face, and both arms. While we know that it’s Photoshopped, the manipulation is both shocking and amusing as we see these prominent figures in a totally different light. Read more. 

Last week we said bye to the original Long Beach house, and the almost century of family history that went with it. I’m thankful for the past six years I was included in that family history. 

In a few months there will be new house and new memories to come for our growing family. 

We have finally moved on to slow pickling. Smell ya later, quick pickles.

(ok, maybe not really, refrigerator pickling is so much faster).

Summer will return.
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